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Profiles for characters - now no longer dependent! XD

Notes on status: Alive and well = in comic at some point. Somewhere = coming soon. Worded = mentioned by name.

Mintaka Kyuna Angora

Status: Alive and well, going ot Hell

Mintaka is one of the important people, even though he really doesn't WANT to be. Rather introverted, and prefers the company of only a select few, he's also the leader of one of Crystara's factions, the Crystal Controllers. He does have a sense of humor and sharp wit - and isn't afriad to use it here. He lost his left eye in the war he recently returned from, having come back a decorated Leiutenant and hero, but having lost his father figure, Phoenix Stadtler.

Johnathan Lee Shaw

Status: Alive and well, going to Hell

Johnathan is Mintaka's "partner in crime" - they're close friends sinc their childhood, and just about as long as either of them can remember. Johnathan keeps an eye out for Mintaka, who saved him form a cryofreeze chamber, and is also a Crystal Controller - the Silver. He usually ends up getting into trouble or something... much to some people's amusement.

Richard Michael Angora

Status: Alive and well, going to hell

Richard is Mintaka's insane yet amusing half-brother. His psychosis isn't too dangerous... an amalgamation of most to all mental illnesses, and a couple of personalities to boot.  He's a good man though, and looks out for family and friends.  Though he is crazy... he's quite normal. Has a major clover fetish, chewing on a piece almost all the time, if he can find it.

Joshua Joseph Jonathan James McKaye-Shaw

Status: Alive and well

Joshua is RIchard's friend, Johnathan's cousin, and resident pyro.  That much is evident from his first appearance in #06 ... but no one's perfect.  He's cursed with floor-length hair and is taller then Mintaka, Johnathan, and Richard.  His heritage is a mess, being dragon and unicorn.  He often is ridculed for his appeazrance and tendencies, but RIchard's always there to back him.

Johnythyn Makari Karadontia

Status: Somewhere

Johnythyn, typically called Karadontia, or Kara for short by Mintaka, is someone seldom seen, though that could change.  He usually habitates far under Crystal City, away form the plague called people.  He's quite anti-social, though he HAS social skills... and a wicked sense of wit and sarcasm that usually cut down his visitors. He takes great joy in tormenting Johnathan and annoying Mintaka. You'll know this man when you meet him.

Miya Sanderson

Status: Worded

Mintaka's ex-girlfriend before the war.  She dumped him for almost no reason.  Not much love between her and Mintaka's friends now... even if Min does miss her a little. She's the daughter of the leader of Koret, a island country off the east coast of the continent Crystal City is on.

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