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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use XX comic?

Before it's asked, NO. It will remain no unless you have one HECK of a good reason. Just refer them here.

This is horrible!  Who did this?  Can I use *insert something here*?

I won't lie, I did all this.  If you don't like it, go somewhere else.  All of this is my own work, and I control what does and doesn't happen here, and made all these characters.  Don't steal my characters, art, layout, or anything else.  ASK ME if you want to know about something.  If you want to draw a character, give me credit at least. [Send me a copy too!] Don't take without permission -- ask.  Respect my rights as a creator and ask; the least I can then do is acknowledge the request and say no [or yes]. Fanart -- not gonna kill ya, but at least credit me for their existence, k?  I'll die of flattery if someone does.  :o [And send me a copy!]

How often will this update?

This is drawn "by hand" [in Painter7] and colored [in Painter7] by me, and only me [unless I say otherwise].  So, it'll take awhile, and it'll probably remain sporadic.  I'd promise once a week, but I don't have that sort of time, honestly, or the nerves.  Bi-weekly/tri-weekly sound more accurate. They will be numbered, so you'll KNOW if something passed.  Bear with me a bit since this is a side-project for me, and not a job; speaking OF jobs, I have to get one.  Real life sucks.

Who are you?

Check the bio on for more info on me.  Other than that bio, you can check out my personal collective domain ajoraNET for more sites I run, links to my LiveJournal, my personal info site, and more.


email: comic [at]
aim: stygianphoenix

I don't see what I want to know!

Have questions?  E-mail me at comic [at] with your questions! Just don't be lame, and don't flame.  I'm a decent person, as long as my intelligence isn't insulted, and you act/write semi-coherently. [Please, no leet/1337 and sTiCkY cApS please, among other bad typing habits on the web; attempt to write like you were writing something for school.]

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