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#06 // No Playing with Fire, Joshua //

(Feb 03 2004)

...late again.  I blame illness and life a bit... at least I got results on my knee.  So if anyone had good thoughts, thanks.  It worked out great.  Got more paperwork for extras but booya.  And my complaints about this sucking... are semi-valid.  Lineart on this one particularly... but I'm actually accepting it won't be perfect... despite the time pur in.  Lots of effort... but illness really hurt this one. And I also never mentioned the new character's name... I'm sorry Joshua!

Left to right, top to bottom...

#01 :: Reduced a bit, Joshua doesn't look as bad as the lineart was... really screwed up a bit in this panel, btu looks good now.  That stuff wrapped around him is a whip/rope thing that he can pull off when needed... and makes a nice look.

#02 :: Min must have calmed down... his hair annoys me in this one though...

#03 :: Josh eyes... yum.

#04 ::I like the fire... and Josh just looks so cute.

#05 :: Mintaka just ahd to fight me all through this... though eh DOES have a point.

#06 :: Somewhat cibification... kinda mostly... Mintaka & Johnathan look pretty odd/bad, but Josh turned out mostly okay. His hair at least worked out.

Overall :: Hints of illness are really eveident towards the end as I lost focus, and really did not want to redo... meh... I'll put this behind me... some of the coloring is worth it at least...

Hopefully the next onewill be more on time... to Hell~

**Note on 02.17.04 :: #07 late due to back issues... currently almost done inking, then coloring... sorry about the delays... last week sitting was near torture, elt alone trying to sit and do ANYTHING in Painter...

have witnessed.

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